Here is the full AFCA Handbook

Part A

Welcome to a brand new educational option for students Grades 1‐12! It’s the result of a special merger which synthesizes the Alliance Friends Church facility and spiritual values with the national and scholastic integrity of ACE (Accelerated Christian Education).

What is ACE?

There are five main components of the ACE curriculum. They are:

  1. A child must be at a subject level where he or she can perform.
  2. He or she must have reasonable goals.
  3. The learning for each student must be controlled, and he or she must be motivated.
  4. Learning must be measurable.
  5. Learning is rewarded.

AFCA Will Use the Ace Curriculum to Provide:

  • A solid, mastery‐based, back‐to‐basics education for their child.
  • A course of study diagnostically individualized to meet a child’s specific learning needs and capabilities.
  • A program incorporating Scripture, Godly character building and wisdom principles.
  • A curriculum using computer technology to help ensure the finest education possible in today’s high‐tech climate.

Our Uniqueness Is the Implementation of a Biblical Based Program

With ACE, Alliance Friends Christian Academy’s purpose to provide educational materials goes beyond simply helping students learn the academics required to enter college or get a good job. We desire to build in students a life‐long burning passion to learn and grow spiritually. It is one thing to want children to be successful but quite another to provide the academic and character training to ensure this accomplishment.

Godly character training is part of the ACE learning experience, and it prepares students to welcome and accept challenges and future opportunities. Sixty character traits, such as kindness, loyalty and honesty, are taught within the curriculum. Students can observe character development in the true‐to‐life curriculum models and then apply the Godly character lessons to their own lives. Challenging and highly effective, the ACE program is an extraordinary educational approach, Biblical in its core, that prepares students for tomorrow’s world while giving them traditional moral values that will last a lifetime.

The curriculum conveys Biblical values and concepts considered foundational to meaningful interpersonal relationships and productive learning which is life‐shaping.

Accelerated Christian Education—a unique program for this time in history—is building Godly citizens and Christian leaders of tomorrow. ACE blends the educational needs of today with the traditional values of yesterday, and it seeks to incorporate the technological skills to prepare its participants for many productive tomorrows.

Our individualization helps produce academic excellence. Why is it that students who use the ACE program continue to demonstrate above‐average achievement? One reason is that ACE students take responsibility for their own learning. Additionally, they receive character training in Biblical principles.

ACE participants go on to higher education and into ministry, and they model a variety of professional pursuits with confidence precisely because of their superb educational background. With ACE’s concept of individualized learning, students don’t just get by—they get ahead.

Part B


The responsibility for scholastic achievement is placed on each student. It’s our belief at Alliance Friends Christian Academy, however, that no student should need to take academic work home. The goals set by our students are frequently reviewed by the Administrator and Director of Learning and are no more rigorous than a student is capable of completing in a day’s time. Only if a student didn’t meet his or her goals for that day, the work may be completed at home or after school in our Learning Center.

Students who have homework will be given a green slip which will list pages of work to be completed. The slip is to be signed by the parent and returned with the child on the next school day. Resource books may be taken home, but only with the school’s permission. Each student may take up to two PACES home for homework each night. The same subjects should not be taken on consecutive nights.

Progress Reports

Progress Reports are given to students to present to their parents following each nine‐week quarter. The Progress Report must be signed by the parent and be returned to school on the next school day. In the case where a Progress Report is lost, a fee of five dollars will be charged for a duplicate card.

NOTE: It is our policy that no academic records at Alliance Friends Christian Academy will be sent to any other school until the student’s account is cleared in full.

Extracurricular Eligibility and Privileges

Students who maintain three stars in each of their five major subjects (Math, English, History, Science and Word Building) each quarter are thereby eligible for any extracurricular activities that are planned. If goals in all five subjects are not achieved, the Administrator and Director of Learning may specify comparable requirements for student qualification.

Honor Roll criteria for each academic quarter include:

  1. Grade point average,
  2. Academic balance and number of PACEs completed, and
  3. Memorization of Bible Memory verses for each month.

Extreme chronic misbehavior may affect Honor Roll status. Privilege status is based on weekly accomplishment of PACE completion, Bible Memory verse memorization, and completion of other activities related to the level of privilege (Levels A, C, and E).

Students must also demonstrate acceptable achievement in Physical Education, Bible and other electives to qualify for special privileges. All students are eligible for sports and extracurricular activities for the first four weeks of the school year. Thereafter, the specific eligibility requirements mentioned above will be applied.

Application for Privileges

Students who believe they have fulfilled the responsibilities for a level of privilege status should request an Application for Privilege on the Friday before their week of status. The form should be completed and submitted that very day. It is the student’s responsibility to request and return an application for privilege. On the upcoming Monday, the Director of Learning will present the privilege status emblem for the student to display during the week.

REMEMBER: Privileges are incentives designed to promote and reward learning achievement! A student may earn more and more privileges as he or she assumes more and more responsibilities.